Crofters must have licence to shoot Greylag Geese

ISLAND crofters are being reminded that since February 1st and until August 31st it is illegal to shoot resident greylag geese – unless a licence has been grated by Scottish Natural Heritage.

The Lewis and Harris Goose Management Group wish to remind crofters of the dates and also that where greylags are likely to seriously damage crops (including grass), crofters can apply to SNH for an out-of-season licence to shoot them.

When considering a licence application, SNH must be satisfied that crofters have first tried other scaring techniques and found them insufficient.

And where a licence is granted, crofters are required to keep a simple but accurate record of when shooting took place, the number of resident greylag geese killed and the names and addresses of the people authorised to shoot.

This information must be returned to SNH within one-month of the licence expiring.

The application form and guidance can be obatined from SNH’s website or via local SNH offices.