Crofters set to benefit from £1m

Crofters will be able to hear how they will benefit from over £1 million of funds which will flow to them from the Stornoway Wind Farm.

Details of the crofters’ entitlement will be revealed at two special meetings on Lewis where the shareholders can receive further details on both the crofters’ funds, which can generate over £1 million for local crofters, and the community fund, which could generate funds at the current value of up to £900,000 a year.

The Stornoway Trust and Lewis Wind Power have arranged two consultation meetings on 10th and 11th October to discuss the Section 19a ‘Scheme for Development.’

This process aims to address any issues around the use of grazing areas and the amount to be paid to those with grazing rights within the boundaries of the planned Stornoway Wind Farm.

Under the proposals, crofters are entitled to lease payments from the wind farm.

These payments will include:

A lump sum of £200,000 when the subsea grid interconnector is approved, the S19a approval is granted and the island wind Contract for Difference (“CfD”) support is announced.

The last of these milestones (grid) is now forecasted for late 2017.

A further lump sum of between £280,000 and £390,000 (depending on the wind turbine selected) when construction commences.

A guaranteed annual index linked payment of between £550,000 and £750,000, with potential to increase to between £1m and £1.4m depending on wind farm performance.

Commenting ahead of the meetings, Darren Cuming, LWP Project Director, said: “Crofters really are one of the biggest beneficiaries from the Stornoway Wind Farm. We hope that as many as possible will come along on the 10th and 11th October to hear more about these proposals and the proposed sums that will be paid out to them and to the wider community.”

Iain Maciver, Stornoway Trust Factor, added: “Hopefully the benefits of the Stornoway Wind Farm are there for everyone to see. The sums that have been negotiated have the capacity to transform our area.

“I hope that people will turn out and engage in discussion, which will help influence how these funds can be applied to benefit our community throughout the lifetime of the wind farm.”

The two public meetings will take place at:

10th October, Ionad Stoodie

Informal drop in – 16.00 to 18.30

Formal meeting – 19.00 – 20.00

11th October, Stornoway Town Hall

Informal drop in – 16.00 to 18.30

Formal meeting – 19.00 – 20.00

The final ‘Scheme for Development proposals’ have to be approved by the Scottish Land Court.

Full details of the current proposals for the Stornoway Wind Farm can be found at: here