Crofting Commission statement on suspended decrofting directions

The Crofting Commission held a board meeting on Wednesday (6th March) and the issue of suspended decrofting directions for owner occupier crofters was discussed as a matter of urgency.

The commission has released this statement: “Since the issue regarding decrofting by owner occupiers was first highlighted, the Commission has been working very hard with Scottish Government colleagues to explore whether there is any other possible interpretation of the legislation.

“Having sought further legal advice, the Board reaffirmed that, as the law currently stands, there is no provision that allows owner occupier crofters to decroft.

“The Commission will continue to work urgently with the Scottish Government to find a long term solution. In the meantime the Commission confirm that landlords of vacant crofts and tenants are still able to decroft.

“Owner occupier crofters finding themselves compromised by recent legal clarity are advised to seek independent legal advice as to possible remedies. They may also find it useful to contact the Crofting Law Group and/or NFU Scotland and/or Scottish Crofting Federation.”

The Commission added: “The Commission has expressed a willingness to prioritise any urgent cases or where individuals are suffering hardship resulting from the situation.”