Crofting meetings organised by YES campaign

Yes Na h-Eileanan an Iar have announced that they will be holding public meetings in Tarbert, Isle of Harris, and Ness, Isle of Lewis, to discuss the benefits of independence for the crofting community.

SNP MEP, Alyn Smith, who is a member of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, will be speaking with Alasdair Allan MSP and Angus MacNeil MP at the following locations:

Thursday March 20th at 7.30pm in Comunn Eachdraidh Nis, Cross School, North Dell

Friday March 21st at 7.30pm in Tarbert Comuunity Centre, Isle of Harris

Alasdair Allan MSP commented: “Scotland’s crofters currently get an appalling deal when it comes to the distribution of European agricultural subsidies. In fact Scotland’s crofters and farmers have the lowest level of support of any country in Europe. The 12 euro per hectare support in Rural Development Funding in Scotland compares with a European average of 76 euros per hectare.

“This makes a powerful case for Scotland to negotiate her own deal for crofters as an independent state, rather than rely on the UK Government, which has no interest in doing so.”

Angus MacNeil MP commented: “Alyn Smith MEP, serves on the Agriculture Committee in the European Parliament and I am pleased to be able to join Alyn in Ness.

“It is important for crofters to find out first-hand the benefits that an independent Scotland will have on crofting. This is also an opportunity for anyone who is undecided to ask questions on Scottish independence.

“I extend a warm invitation to everyone to come along.”

Alyn Smith MEP commented: “These events will allow everyone – regardless of political beliefs or party politics – to come along and speak to all of us regarding the European elections, September’s referendum or anything that they would like to know.

“Our crofting community has been led down time and time again by successive UK Governments. As a result of their care-free approach and flippant attitude on Europe, Scotland receives the lowest level of support out of any EU country.

“Scotland deserves better than being represented in the EU by those who don’t understand Scotland, don’t understand our communities and have no interest in doing so.”