Crossed wires causes confusion in Harris

It was a case of some very crossed wires in the Bays of Harris last week when essential maintenance to the phone system reconnected the wrong homes to the wrong numbers.

At least ten households in the villages in this area ended up receiving calls intended for their neighbours.

As a close knit community, residents were able to work out after three days of disruption whose calls they were receiving and who had their number, but in an area with little mobile phone coverage this did cause an inconvenience.

A spokesperson for BT said the mix up had been caused when an overhead cable was accidently damaged while contractors were renewing telegraph poles in the area.

They said the issue was now largely resolved as far as they knew, but they were unable to pick up a crossed wire unless it was reported directly to them by householders.

They said: “An overhead cable was accidentally damaged while one of our contractors was renewing some telegraph poles. Unfortunately, as the repairs were carried out a small number of the lines became crossed. We believe around 10 households were affected.

“Openreach engineers have been putting things right and the final reported fault is being addressed.”

They added: “Could we please ask anyone still experiencing any difficulties to report it to their service provider, as this sort of fault only become apparent once a report has been made.

“We’re really sorry for the crossed lines and inconvenience caused.”