CRUSH drama- raises awareness in Islands of abusive relationships

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Raising awareness of gender stereotyping and abusive relationships is a key priority of the Outer Hebrides Domestic Abuse Forum and was the focus of ‘CRUSH’ a powerful drama production, which toured all four schools across the Islands last week and was seen by over 400 students.

The drama, by Glasgow-based theatre company, ‘Baldy Bain’, provides an example of how young people can be influenced, controlled and manipulated within unhealthy relationships.

It illustrates how this can leave people feeling isolated, cut off from their friends and family and often how they don’t have anyone they can turn to for support.

Also included in the production are issues around internet safety, and the consequences of having photos posted and shared online without permission, which unfortunately has now become a regular occurrence for young people living in today’s modern world of technology.

After the performance young people had the opportunity to discuss with the actors (who remained in character) what had happened within the drama and how things could have been improved.

They talked about the impact of abuse on self-esteem and confidence and identified where they could go to for help should they need it.

Commenting on the touring production, Outer Hebrides Domestic Abuse Forum Chair, Erica Murray, said: “This interactive in-school work has become a regular feature within the Domestic Abuse Forum’s annual Action Plan and I am grateful to the school staff, actors and forum members, whose close collaborative work has made this theatre tour possible; providing young people with thought-provoking messages about their personal safety.”