Customers urged not to panic buy fuel

Residents in the Uists are being urged not to panic buy fuel as Scottish Fuels say they are managing the situation.

Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil said (Thursday): “Angus MacNeil said:“I have spoken to Scottish Fuels who have confirmed that this fuel shortage is a result of issues with the holding tanks and travel difficulties.

“Scottish Fuels confirmed that they are actively trying to resolve this problem and that they are using road tankers from Stornoway to assist with this in the short-term. They have also confirmed that the holding tanks at Lochcarnan will be fixed by 27 September.

“Scottish Fuels have assured me that they can cope with supply as long as people buy their normal amounts of fuel.”

Mr MacNeil said he had spoken to Scottish Fuels Chair today who said South Uist fuel tanks would be back to normal operation by September 27.