Daniel and Isla are top island names

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Daniel and Isla were the most popular baby names in the Western Isles in 2013.

Despite a national preference for Jack and Sophie as the top names, the islands are not following the trend.

There were six baby boys called Daniel born in the Western Isles and five named Aaron. Four were named Alfie and Jamie and three were named Harris and James.

There were five little girls named Isla; four named Lucy and three Jessicas.

The National Records of Scotland release the data each year and say Jack has been the top boys’ name for a six years in a row, while Sophie was the most popular girls’ name for the ninth year in a row. 

However, while the leading names remain the same, there have been some perhaps surprising changes among those that follow. 

James became the second most popular boys’ name for the first time in this century. 

Olivia climbed two places to become the second most popular girls’ name in this year’s list, just nine behind Sophie in numbers. Emily fell from second to third, and Isla rose from sixth to fourth.