Decontamination incident - Update

Police have confirmed there is no further risk to members of the public following precautionary decontamination as a result an incident at Uig Lodge.

Emergency services were dealing with the incident in which an estate worker was feared to have been contaminated whilst working with a noxious substance, at a private estate in Timsgarry, Isle of Lewis around 7.20pm yesterday evening.

He and another male and two female ambulance personnel were taken to the Western Isles hospital for assessment.

Both ambulance personnel and one of the estate workers were discharged following assessment. The estate worker was later discharged from hospital around 11pm last night.

The A858 was closed for a short period whilst the decontamination process took place by HIFRS. It was re-opened around 10pm and HIRFS then carried out an assessment of the property where the incident occurred.

The area has now been declared safe.

The incident involved a number of agencies working together and there is no further risk to the any members of the public. The matter has been reported to the HSE and Environmental Health.

Police enquiries are now continuing into the circumstances surrounding the incident and the substance involved. Therefore no further information is available at this time.