Delays in treatment for Lewis man

Lewis man, James Macleod, a mechanic from Stornoway, who broke his leg in a work accident, had to wait six days to receive treatment.

It was reported that the incident happened on Tuesday 17th of April, and it was not until Sunday 21st of April that the 24 year-old was treated for his injuries.

Following an hour’s wait for an ambulance after he sustained the severe fractures to his leg, Mr Macleod was plagued by continuous delays in treatment.

Due to a lack of steel pins at the Western Isles Hospital in Stornoway he was informed that surgery on his leg would be delayed until more were delivered.

The decision was then taken to fly Mr Macleod to Inverness for treatment. Due to no beds being available in the Inverness hospital, this transfer was pushed back and the air ambulance rescheduled for Friday.

When the air ambulance finally took off to take Mr Macleod to the Inverness Hospital it was diverted to Aberdeen following warnings from the plane’s systems indicating the landing gear had not been engaged properly and poor weather conditions.

Following this Mr Macleod had to wait a further three and a half hours for another air ambulance to take him to the hospital in Inverness.

The Stornoway mechanic did not eat in preparation for his operation, which, coupled with sickness from his morphine treatment, meant he went four days without food.

A spokesperson for NHS Western Isles said: “There was a planned transfer on clinical grounds. Thereafter there were flight scheduling and technical difficulties with the Scottish Ambulance Service Aircraft, which resulted in the plane being re-routed to Aberdeen.”

A Scottish Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Unfortunately the aircraft experienced an instrument problem and as a result diverted to Aberdeen.

“Clearly, this resulted in the patient’s journey taking longer than it should have and we are sorry for any discomfort that they experienced.

“We would be happy to discuss the matter in detail with the patients involved.”