Disappointment as council take down mysterious Church Street bollard

Church Street pole SGD24311
Church Street pole SGD24311

Someone took traffic control measures into their own hands last week as a mysterious bollard appeared at the bottom end of Church Street.

But to the disappointment of local businesses it was later taken down by the council who deemed it a “hazard”.

That section of Church Street, part of Stornoway town centre, has caused concern for locals in the area for some time with cars driving onto the pavement in an attempt to negotiate the narrow street which often has cars parked along the side.

Donna Maclean owner of the business Shoe Island, which the bollard was placed outside, explained: “Both my children and my customers are being put at risk every day, as well as my shop front.

“Two week’s ago several parked cars were damaged. And later that same day an elderly lady fell onto the road trying to get out of the way of a car and ended up in the hospital. It’s just not on. It’s ridiculous.

“Someone had taken it into their own hands to stop the vehicles.

“All the shops on this side of the road suffer.”

Ms Maclean explained five years ago business people from the area met with the council to try and resolve the problem but said: “The council haven’t even managed to repaint the double yellow lines.

“I wasn’t surprised they came and took it down,” she continued. “But for five years they haven’t done anything about the road and in five minutes their there to take the bollard down.

“All we ask for is some kind of prevention from mounting the pavement, after all it is illegal. Then they will not have to police it. A bollard at the top, or a railing, or even a single track road would definitely help to maintain public safety.”

A council spokesman confirmed there are no further traffic controlling measures planned for the area.

He said: “We are aware that it was not ideal but there is no current budget to pedestrianise even if there was agreement that it should be done.”

He added: “We will have to remove the bollard because it is itself a hazard.”