DJ Lange returns to Stornoway

Popular with the islands' dance scene, DJ Lange returns to Era this weekend.
Popular with the islands' dance scene, DJ Lange returns to Era this weekend.

He’s coming back to Stornoway this weekend – and bringing with him a brand new double album of dance delights.

Having visited regularly over the past decade and now an island favourite, music-man DJ Lange will be playing in Era tomorrow (Saturday, February 8th).

And his Hebridean stop-off is one of a plethora of global gigs which the DJ is set to play this year as he promotes his third album ‘We Are Lucky People’.

“I’m very excited about the album and I didn’t want to miss Stornoway out of the tour,” said Lange. “I always try and come up if I can, and I always make a weekend of it!”

A producer and DJ since the late 1990s Lange is recognised as one of the most influential dance artists of the past decade, making appearances for some of the best club brands in the world, including Godskitchen, Gatecrasher and Ministry of Sound; as well as performing for prestigious festivals like Global Gathering, Creamfields, and Tommorowland.

His sustained presence in the influential Top 100 DJ Poll for eight years stands testament to his support – both from fans and industry – and his continual reinvention as the dance scene has evolved has lead him to remain at the forefront of trance throughout his career.

“People do ask how I stay fresh, but it’s just that I’m still very passionate about the music and I feel there’s always room for improvement,” he admitted.

An exciting and lively performer as a DJ, as a producer Lange is no stranger to pushing boundaries – and his third album ‘We Are Lucky People’ is no exception.

For the latest release Lange took a completely fresh approach, first releasing a string of club hits; before reworking each track again to create a unique concept long player, carefully crafted to flow continuously from start to finish.

“Usually when you write an album you’re hiding away for some time, but I wanted to keep releasing music so I did it a bit differently this time,” he expanded.

“I was writing a track, finishing it, then three days later I’d let it out. That way I kept releasing club tracks and at the end I took all the music I’d made that year and re-mixed it, made some of it a bit more chilled, and let it all flow together.”

Lange continued: “It was a big challenge time-wise. Although it’s out on my own label, it was a very structured time-line I was working too.

“I probably did leave myself a little less time than I’d have liked, so it was a very pressured year, but I’m very pleased with the result. I’m very proud – it’s my third album and I really do feel that it’s the best; I had to work hard at it though.”

The hard work has certainly paid off, with the DJ producing his most artistic and heartfelt piece of work to date in his 15 year career – and every album club track charting a Top 10 Beatport Trance position, including an incredible highest new entry at No.9 .

Now on the road around the world promoting the new title, the DJ is delighted by the public reaction to ‘We Are Lucky People’: “It’s been a really nice project that’s come together well,” he said. “It’s been received really well, not only getting good response from followers, but also getting great feedback from some of the top guys in the business. I’m very pleased.”

To hear what’s new from DJ Lange, get to Era this weekend, with support from favourites George & Paul.