Do you have a story to write in this special WW1 Memorial book?

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You are invited by the In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres Belgium, to contribute to this especially commissioned book displayed at Museum and Tasglann nan Eilean, Lews Castle, Stornoway.

You may find a name that you recognise and write a story directly into the book, but, we would be pleased to receive all stories connected with World War 1 from your family or community.

Alternatively, you can write your story at home and bring it to the venue, and we will put it into the book for you. As well as stories, photocopies of photographs and original letters can also be added.

The book ‘Assembly’ contains over 174,000 names of those from the UK and Ireland who lost their lives in Belgium in WW1, a fraction of the millions who died.

Over 15 significant sites will be visited during the 5 year journey, including Durham, Glasgow, Norwich and Dublin.

Along with the book are 5 chairs from St Audomarus Church, Passchendaele, each representing a year of the war and showing the casualties with lead numbers.

Having travelled for 5 years, in 2018 the book and chairs will be returned to Belgium, the chairs back to the church and the book to the museum, where it will go on permanent display.

This assembly of stories from different sources, including, local regiments, relatives and communities, will tell a united story of loss and tragedy.

The work is the concept of Derbyshire artist Val Carman who was the first artist in residence at the In Flanders Fields Museum in 1999, and also worked in a commemorative residency in Passchendaele.

The exhibition and book will be at Museum and Tasglann nan Eilean, Lews Castle, Stornoway between 15 March and 24 March 2016 and is open 10am – 4pm. Entry is free.