Documentary team investigate Flannan Isles

An upcoming documentary is hoping to shed new light onto the Flannan Isles mystery.

Author Keith McCloskey visited Lewis last week to make the documentary for the Discovery Channel, and said that they uncovered some interesting things.

His visit continues the famous story of three lighthouse keepers who went missing without a trace in 1900.

The documentary runs alongside Mr McCloskey’s new book, The Lighthouse, which explores the mystery in depth and promises a shocking new conclusion to the tale.

To help unravel the mystery the documentary team asked Stornoway Gazette Weather Correspondent Eddie Graham for an insight into the storms that battered Flannan Isle on the night of the disappearances.

Not wanting to give too much away, Mr Graham confirmed that he used newly available meteorological modeling data that has recently become available to determine the weather of the days surrounding the mystery.

The Flannan Isles Mystery has been unsolved for over a hundred years, drawing lots of attention from popular culture and is host to a plethora of conspiracy theories, from the paranormal to alien abductions, searching for what really happened.

This is the second non-fiction mystery that Mr McCloskey has put on paper, his first being Mountain of the Dead, about nine Russian skiers whose bodies were found in 1959. Their deaths were put down to ‘an unknown elemental force’ as they were found with massive internal rupturing, but no external harm.