Donate a pint to help others


NO matter how little money you have, nearly everyone can afford to donate a pint of blood.

This is the message Peter Denheen and his son Peter were trying to make when they undertook the challenge of cycling from South Uist to Stornoway last week. The 2P’s Challenge was in aid of the Blood Transfusion Unit. Instead of asking people for money, they asked them to pledge a pint of blood.

Peter said: “My son came up with the idea and its a bit different. We have around 40 donors in the bank and promises of a further 30 .Our aim is to get 100.”

He added that money is tight for everyone just now but regardless of financial situation, most people can give blood and save a life or assist a major operation.

He is encouraging others to ask people to give blood rather then money in sponsored events.

Pictured are the two Peters at Tarbert.