Dredging continues in Stornoway Harbour

A mountain of tyres and leaves have been dredged out of Stornoway Harbour over the past few weeks.

The work is being carried out over a six week period and includes the area of the harbour around Cromwell Street Quay as part of the enabling works for the Inner Harbour Regeneration Project and also aroundaround Esplanade Quay, both sides of No.2 Pier and around the linkspan on No.3 Pier to maintain depths.

The seabed material such as silt and gravel picked up by the dredger is deposited at the spoil ground near Arnish under a Marine Scotland issued licence. Foreign materials are deposited in a skip on the quayside. Admiral Day makes around four trips a day between the Harbour and the spoil ground to deposit the materials.

Stornoway Harbour is usually dredged every ten years, the last time dredging took place was towards the end of 2002.