Driving Ambition pilot in Western Isles

Northern Constabulary along with its partners continue to roll out the Driving Ambition programme to sixth year pupils - this time to youngsters from Sir E Scott School, Tarbert on the isle of Isle of Harris.

This is a pilot session and it is hoped to become an annual event involving all four high schools in the Western Isles.

This year’s event kicks off at Sir E Scott School, Tarbert on Friday 23 September.

Driving Ambition provides young drivers with information on a variety of road safety elements, the main aim of which is to encourage them to be safe and responsible learners, drivers and passengers.

It is an informative and interactive roadshow, with inputs from HIFRS, Northern Constabulary, Scottish Ambulance Service and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar . Each Driving Ambition session begins with the screening of Northern Constabulary’s Just Another Day DVD, featuring Donald Geddes from Ullapool in which he tells his story of how, following a high speed crash, he was left blind in one eye, partially sighted in the other and forced to live with a host of other medical conditions as a result.

The sets include:

Under the Bonnet - demonstration as to how to changing a tyre, check tyre pressure, check windscreen wipers and wash as well information on how to check oil levels. Delivered by a mechanic from Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.

Enforcement - Northern Constabulary inform of the legalities of driving and modifications and the consequences should they commit an offence.

Scottish Ambulance Service - input on the first responder scheme, airway maintenance and basic first aid for the first person on scene.

Road Safety - an interactive set with a hazard perception game and general information on young drivers and speed limits.

Fire & Rescue - explain their role at the scene of an accident and the equipment that they use and also advise as to what others who arrive at the scene could do to assist.

Local Driving Instructors will deliver a presentation with the requirements for obtaining a licence and the delivery of instruction.

For the last set all the pupils come together to watch the next chapter of Donald Geddes’ DVD which shows the long term impact the crash has had on his life and how he has managed this, showing young people the long term implications that a collision can have.