Drug detection dog to return to Western Isles

A drug detection dog will be returning to the Western Isles, said Western Isles Chief Inspector Gordon Macleod this week.

In a presentation to councillors at the Environment and Protective Services Committee on Tuesday Mr Macleod outlined that the region had seen a fall of crimes classed 1-4 by more than seven per cent as of March 16th 2015 (339 crimes last year to date compared to 314 crimes this year to date).

He said: “We continue to see a fall in crime class 1-4 and so there are less victims of crime here in the Western Isles which is a positive thing and we can focus on keeping people safe.”

On the preparations for a new drug detection dog, he said: “We are actively seeking a new dog. A number of dogs have been trialled and that is ongoing until we get the right dog.”

He said much of their work to prevent drugs coming to the islands was based on intelligence and they had been successfully working with the Post Office and colleagues on the mainland on this issue.

He said they were seeing a reduction in the occurrence of common assault although there had been a small increase in cases of domestic abuse.

When an incident of domestic abuse is reported, he explained that the series of questions often leads to reports of historic incidents which had driven up this figure.

He said: “The number of incidents they have endured can be as high as 20 before they come forward and report it.”

Mr Macleod reassured councillors that there are sufficient officers based in the Western Isles to deal with all issues and said they were still receiving reports from people requesting to come and work here.

He said a commitment had been made by Police Scotland to maintain officer levels in the islands.