East meets west is a hit for local butcher

Christopher Wood (left) and Kenneth Macleod (right) with the new Black Pudding pakoras SGD25600
Christopher Wood (left) and Kenneth Macleod (right) with the new Black Pudding pakoras SGD25600
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A new taste sensation is taking the Western Isles by storm after a new link-up between a Lanark-based Hearach and a Stornoway butcher shop.

Macleod and Macleod in Stornoway have been stocking a hugely popular new line of Black Pudding Pakoras – made with their own marags – and a range of curries, all supplied by Lanark-based Rice n Spicy.

Tarbert raised Rashed Ghani is the man behind the business which is now supplying a whopping 75 tubs of black pudding pakoras to the Church Street butcher shop and he is also bringing the east meets west fusion of a marag pakora all around the central belt.

He said: “We do a lot of hot food sampling at farmers markets and people often can’t believe the taste. It seems to be getting busier and busier every week which is encouraging and we have come a long way in eight months. We want to keep working hard and offering different things which aren’t available elsewhere. When we contacted the butchers they were curious to see what we were using their black pudding for and since they got it in it has gone down a storm.

“The idea for the pakora really grew when we made haggis versions for Burn’s Night. After that we had a thought to give a black pudding variety a try and it has really snowballed from there. We are sending so much up to Macleod and Macleod now that we had to split the order in two deliveries after a 26-hour cooking shift.

“I only started the business last year and decided to see where it would lead and it has really taken off. We used to buy Macleod and Macleod black pudding locally from a shop in Lanark but as the volumes we needed increased we decided to look into cutting out the middle man and going direct to the butcher in Stornoway.”

Since taking in the new line Macleod and Macleod have been wowed by local demand for the pakoras with butcher Christopher Wood adding: “We are selling about 60 tubs a week each with 12 to 14 pieces of pakora.

“It was one of his biggest sellers so he contacted us to ask if he could deliver them to us would we be willing to give them a go.

“The first week we weren’t sure how popular they would be or how many we would need but they were sold out within an hour. Since then we have upped our order to 75 tubs which come in every Friday and we also now have a new line of curries which come from the same source.”