Eating better could make you feel better in the new year

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We are quickly coming up on 2015 and a new year usually means most of us come up with new resolutions, some of which are very difficult to maintain.

2015 brings a new national healthy eating campaign “Eat Better, Feel Better” and we would like to encourage people in the Western Isles to take this on board and find out if small changes to your diet can make you feel better in yourself.

Cooking tasty, healthy meals for your family can be simpler and more affordable than you might think.

There are many quick and cheap changes you can make to how you shop, cook and eat and by making these simple changes you and your family can eat better AND feel better. Give it a try and see how easy it can be!

A few tips to get ou going:

Choose dried fruit as a snack instead of chocolate

Have water or sugar free squash instead of fizzy drinks

Porridge is a good, warming alternative to sugary cereal for breakfast

Pick plain popcorn or baked crisps instead of regular crisps as a snack

Use herbs and spices for flavouring instead of salt

Instead of fried fish and chips bake it in the oven for a much healthier choice

Bulk out meat dishes with extra vegetables or pulses to make it go further and also increase the nutritional value

Cook bigger batches of food to freeze and use for another time.

Think of it as creating your own cheaper, and healthier, ready meals!

Getting children to eat healthy from a young age can help them avoid major illnesses in later life but it is never too late to benefit from a healthier diet.

Healthy eating has long term benefits such as reducing your risk of heart disease, cancers and obesity but there are also some benefits that you will notice very quickly such as making you feel better, more confident, happier, less stressed, sleep better and be more energised .

Visit our facebook page for regular hints and tips, and information about local events (including cooking sessions) from mid-January.

Look out for the adverts on TV and radio and the local roadshow with the Dietetic Department, we will start off in the Lewis Sports Centre on the morning of January 17th, come along for some ideas and inspiration.

We are also looking for some families who would like to make some of these simple changes, with our support, to find out if eating better will make them feel better.

If you would like this support and are willing for us to share your experiences then get in touch with us at or phone 708279.

Please also get in touch if you would be interested in attending some short cooking classes to learn how to make some simple, cheap and healthy meals for the family.

Nutrition and Dietetic Department

NHS Western Isles