‘Eco driving’saves fuel costs

Motorists in the Ness area will be able to get advice on how ‘eco driving’ could save them the equivalent of two months fuel each year.

Gregor Yule, Transport Specialist for the Energy Saving Trust’s advice centre is working with the Galson Estate Trust’s Powerdown Officer, Kirsty Maclennan to organise an event to discuss ways of reducing your fuel costs and carbon emissions. The event will be held in Spors Nis on Monday 7th February 2011, 7pm- 9pm.

Attendees will be able to walk away with a free energy saving TV powerdown plug, which helps you to save money by reducing the numbers of appliances left on standby in your home.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to try out the “Eco Driving Simulator”, which offers hands on, real time advice on how to drive efficiently. You will also have the opportunity to enter our free prize draw for a £150 voucher, with the winner able to choose whether the voucher is for Halfords, Scotrail, Calmac or Northlink ferries.

Motorists in the Highlands and Islands are paying more than ever to run their cars, as rises in VAT and fuel duty push petrol and diesel prices sky-high. Amid calls to stabilise the cost of petrol and diesel, the Energy Saving Trust is also urging motorists to cut their fuel consumption. By adopting ‘eco driving’ techniques motorists could save up to two months’ worth of fuel over the year – an average of £200 - £300 and 500 – 600kg CO2 per household vehicle.

Personal transport alone now accounts for 15% of the UK’s carbon emissions, and fuel prices are rising as oil becomes more scarce worldwide. Here in the Highlands and Islands drivers are bearing the brunt of the costs and now have more reasons than ever to really think about how much fuel they use.

To find out more about these events or to get free, impartial eco-driving advice, just call 0800 512 012, or contact Kirsty Maclennan at Galson Estate Trust on 01851 810 825.