Editorial Blog

Youngest Weaver - So Monday morning starts with request to put a correction in the paper because our story ‘The World’s Youngest Harris Tweed Weaver’ is in fact wrong.

It turns out there is a younger weaver registered (a few months younger than 19 year old John Macleod who was featured) however crucially the younger weaver is not working as a weaver currently, so for our purposes the article is correct.

We also had a Facebook comment about a 70 year old still weaving - I wonder if we will find out who the Oldest Harris Tweed Weaver is now?

Weather - We gathered in a number of photographs and videos of flooding and the weather over the weekend, and although there was some flooding locally it is not as bad as some parts of the country. However some locals took advantage of having more water around and got their surfboards out - definitely making lemonade out of lemons!

Melinda Gillen, Stornoway Gazette Editor