Editorial blog - Gazette girls do golf!

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I had my first tee off taster along with reporters Michelle Robson, Jenny Kane at Back driving range recently.

The golfing experience might have been against a backdrop of dreich and windy weather but we had a great laugh trying to hit the balls in a straight line.

Hitting them didn’t seem to be a problem, but the straight line was much more of a challenge - my aim was never very good, I was always rubbish in a snowball fight at school.

Anyway much to our surprise, especially as one of our number (Michelle) is expecting in May, so she had a bit of difficulty bending down to put the balls on the tee and swinging, we did quite well.

Jenny, rigged out in almost appropriate golfing attire given her Christmas present bobble hat, had the experience of golfing lessons, and so was our star player. She is hoping to persuade other members of the Gazette staff to join her on the driving range.

Not sure what will be next on the list to try our hand at, but Jenny is recommending Basketball - watch this space!