Election agent gets candidate’s vote!

Callum Timms
Callum Timms

Callum Timms, a mere 18 years old, took on the responsibility of acting as election agent for Martyn Day, the SNP candidate for Linlithgow and East Falkirk constituency.

While it is the first time Callum has taken on this role, he has been active in the SNP for several years.

Callum said: “It has been a privilege to work with Martyn and it is truly humbling to be trusted to run his campaign. We have an amazing team of volunteers, and an incredible campaign team, to whom I owe a great deal for their help and support during this campaign.

Martyn Day said: “When I was selected to stand as a candidate for this election, I knew that I sought an election agent who has the skills and knowledge to run my campaign to a high standard.

‘‘There was no doubt in my mind then, and there remains no doubt in my mind now, that Callum is exactly the kind of election agent I sought to run my campaign.

“But choosing Callum as my election agent also sends a clear message about the more progressive politics we seek.

‘‘His involvement in politics at a young age is a sign that young people are more engaged in politics and seek to work constructively to deliver a better 
future for our country.”