Eleven arrested for drink driving in Christmas week

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Eleven people have spoiled their own festive season after being caught drink driving during Christmas week.

Those who were caught on Christmas Eve, which included an 18-year-old from the Strathspey area, had to spend Christmas Day in the cells prior to the next available court date, which was Wednesday.

Police promised to take a tough stance on those who risked drink driving this festive season and their pro-activity on the roads saw them report 11 people for the offence during week three of the ACPOS festive safety campaign.

That’s three more than Police detected during the same week last year.

Eight men and three women were caught during the past week and Police say they will continue to carry out random checks throughout the festive season and beyond.

Three of this week’s drink drivers were caught as a result of information coming in from members of the public.

As part of the months long campaign Police will carry out static daily road checks morning, noon and night to crack down on drink and drug drivers.

This year’s festive drink and drug driving campaign also sees the introduction of tough new measures targeting first time offenders who provide a sample for analysis, which is three times the legal limit or more and also those offenders who refuse to provide a sample for analysis without a reasonable excuse.

As well as receiving a criminal record, a substantial fine and an automatic minimum 12 month ban, these drivers may now have their vehicle seized and on conviction, have it taken away for sale or destruction.

Inspector Derek Paterson, head of the Force’s Road Policing Unit, said: “Whilst we are disappointed that there are still so many people ignoring the drink drive message, we are pleased to have taken 11 drink drivers off our roads which increases the safety of other road users.

“We will continue to take a robust stance against those who drink and drive and the message is clear, Police will be out on the roads and it¿s not worth taking the risk.

“The New Year is almost upon us and I would urge everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time. If you are going out and about then assign a designated driver, don¿t drink or use public transport or taxis. There is no excuse for drink or drug driving.