Emergency airlift for injured seaman

A TWENTY-two year old seaman was emergency airlifted from his vessel by Stornoway Coastguard rescue helicopter today (Thursday, April 25th) following an incident on-board in which his hand and fingers were crushed.

Stornoway Coastguard station received a call for assistance from Liberian registered tanker ‘Yeoman Bank’, which was positioned off Cape Wrath, at 12.17pm (UTC) today.

Following a medi-link between ship and station, the rescue helicopter was tasked at 12.45pm (UTC) to airlift the casualty for treatment at Western Isles Hospital, returning to the Stornoway airport base at 1.50pm (UTC).

The man, Oleksander Kimnatryi, was transferred by ambulance to the hospital for treatment where he was met by Stornoway Port Missioner Finlay Macleod and Fishermen’s Mission Chief Executive Commodore David Dickens, on island visiting the Lewis mission.

Commodore Dickens said: “Although 22 years old, an adult and working at sea, this was a frightened young man arriving in a strange place with a bad injury. The relief on his face was clear to see as he met Finlay and knew instantly there was a ‘dad’ figure there for him.”

It is believed surgery on Oleksander’s injured hand went well and he will now be cared for by Stornoway Fishermen’s Mission as the Port Missioners organises suitable travel for his return home.

To find out more about Commodore Dickens’ visit to the Western Isles, pick up a copy of next week’s Stornoway Gazette (Thursday, May 2nd).