Emergency control room concerns

Highlands and Islands MSP Rhoda Grant has joined calls for Police Scotland to suspend the planned closure of the Police Emergency Control Rooms, including the one situated in Inverness and she also calls for the Fire Control Rooms closure plan to be put on hold, as there may well be lessons to be learned across the emergency services, with regards to the structure of the Control Rooms and the way they operate, depending on the outcome of the HMI Review currently undergoing in respect of the Police Scotland Control Room.

It comes after warnings too much pressure is being piled on emergency service staff, after a probe was launched into the Police Scotland handling of how a couple, who had crashed a car on the M9 near Stirling, were left without help for three days.

John Yuill was found dead inside the blue Renault Clio last week. His girlfriend, Lamara Bell, later died in hospital.

Rhoda Grant said: “This tragic incident highlights that we need to suspend the closure of local Control Rooms until such a time as we know the outcome of this enquiry.

“Clearly there was an unfortunate failing in the current system or process in this case and it is only right and proper that we await the outcome of the review before any further action is taken with regards to any Emergency Service Control Room closures.”

“At this time we must remember the families of the deceased in this case and must also take time for reflection.

“Are three Police Control Rooms situated in the Central belt the best way forward?

“Unfortunately since the single Police Force was set up, this Government has been hell bent on demanding deep swinging cuts be made at all costs, without much cognisance for the service to be provided.”