Emergency meeting of An Sulaire Trust

An emergency meeting has been called to look for volunteers to manage the An Sulaire.
An emergency meeting has been called to look for volunteers to manage the An Sulaire.

The An Sulaire Trust are calling an Emergency General Meeting on Wednesday, August 21st at 7pm in the Coastguard Station, Stornoway.

The meeting is being called is due to a sad lack of participation in the trust since founder member Kenneth Morrison and his wife resigned.

Kenny, who has sailed the sgoth Niseach to over 32 different Scottish islands, enjoying taking local crews out, and winning trophies in lug sail regattas, said: “I had to resign due to health problems.

“It is time to move over and allow younger members to take the tiller as it were. I have many happy memories sailing An Sulaire and would be heartbroken to see her slowly rot and die. It is so sad.”

Kenny, well known on every Hebridean Island for his sailing skills also met his wife Amanda Darling through sailing the Sulaire on The Great Glen Raid, and winning of course, not only the race but a wife in the process.

Amanda became the secretary, fundraiser and publicity agent for the Trust for the next ten years, raising £40,000; funding many sailing adventures for different skippers, individual members personal sailing qualifications and maintaining the boat.

Through the Trust she became a keen sailor and skipper of the sgoth herself.

Amanda says: “Some of my happiest memories have been sailing the Sulaire. I have put my heart and soul into that boat and all I would like is for her to remain afloat, be sailed and enjoyed, she is a national treasure, a magical link with the past, the sailing history of the islands that even extends back into the Viking era.”

An Sulaire Trust has been held together by five dedicated committee members. But more help is needed or the boat will either end up in a museum or be given away.

The treasurer, Animisha McCoy said: “We desperately need more committee members, while we all love to sail the boat, she also has to be managed and paid for.

“Amanda raised the cash last year to pay for her major repairs and left the Trust financially stable with around £5,000 in the bank. She is certainly not a sinking ship financially!”

The Trust is appealing for willing volunteers to come forward to help manage the boat.

Skills such as fund raising, press release writing, boat maintenance, boat handling and skippering can all be learnt, not to mention the fun of meeting new people and the bonds that are formed from the team building.

For more information on how you can help, please contact Debbie Storrow, Trust Secretary on 01851-830414 or email debz414@yahoo.o.uk

Please support the Trust by attending the EGM on 21st August 2013 iat 7pm in the Coastguard Station, Stornoway.