Epic gyrocopter flight Stornoway stop off

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Aviation adventurer Norman Surplus will touch down in Stornoway in the final leg of a 7,500 mile trip across North America and the Atlantic.

Norman comes to the Isles on July 23rd, he started his challenge on July 1st, in his open cockpit gyrocopter.

The aircraft was fully exposed to the freezing cold wind of Canada, Greenland and the Atlantic Ocean, and this chilly challenge was undertaken in order to raise awareness for bowel cancer due to Norman’s own experience of battling the condition in 2003/04.

This will be his second major journey. He originally set out in 2010 in Northern Ireland heading east but his journey ground to a halt due to issues with the Russian Government.

Despite these issues he still managed to cross 18 countries and set numerous aeronautical records.

Speaking about the flight Norman said: “It is not always the real, physical, hurdles of the flight that have posed the greatest threat to the adventure - although there have been plenty of those - often the major hurdles remain largely bureaucratic.

“Having said this in the US it is an aviator’s dream. What ever the challenges, in times of doubt I can always recall how my situation was back in 2003/04 when I was dealing with a very different set of procedures, the outcome of which was equally uncertain, namely bowel cancer surgery and chemotherapy.

“The absolute uncertainty I felt in those months during treatment by far outweighs any uncertainty I may feel about any bureaucratic delays that occur today. I shall remain consistently happy just to be here at all.”

When Norman completes his flight it will be the first crossing of the Atlantic in an autogyro aircraft ever.

From Stornoway he travels to Oban and then to his home Larne in Northern Ireland. We wish him the best of luck as he concludes his journey.

Pictured - The aircraft was fully exposed to the freezing cold wind of Canada, Greenland and the Atlantic Ocean.