EU Referendum debate takes to the streets of Stornoway

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Campaigners and local politicians took advantage of the glorious weather on Saturday afternoon to take to the streets of Stornoway to talk to people about the E.U. Referendum.

A Vote Leave stall was set up at the start of Cromwell Street, and manned by campaigners hoping to convince locals and cruise ship visitors to the town about the advantages of leaving the E.U.

Also out on the streets were Remain campaigners, along with local Highlands and Islands Labour MSP Rhoda Grant and Western Isles SNP MSP Alasdair Allan, who has recently talked about the advantages of remaining within the E.U, particularly for rural areas.

Scotland’s political community at Holyrood recently voted overwhelming to back the Remain campaign.

And in response to the popping up of ‘Vote Leave’ posters around town in recent days, one letter writer to the Gazette this week has stated: “Is the person or persons plastering red ‘Vote Leave’ notices on every lamp-post from Willowglen Road and beyond genuinely unaware of Europe’s vast contribution to revolutionising a huge part of the infrastructure of the Western Isles?”

They add: “Had it not been for ERDF funding, we would still be navigating bumpy single track roads, some still with grass down the middle perhaps.”