Europe Day Celebration

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The Outer Hebrides plans to celebrate ‘Europe Day’ with Western Isles Libraries on the May 9th in Stornoway Library from 10am to 1pm, and will also have a Europe Day window display in the library to celebrate the commemoration day.

As well as free information and resources regarding Europe Day and the EU there will also be free resources available at the event with respect to the European Parliament election on 22nd of May 2014.

In Europe, the annual Europe Day celebrations mark peace and unity in Europe, and commemorate the anniversary of the 1950 historical ‘Schuman Declaration’ by French foreign minister Robert Schuman.

For the EU, the day is also known as ‘Schuman Day’, commemorating the Declaration when Schuman gave the go-ahead for European cooperation on 9 May 1950.

His speech, which aimed to eradicate war through tangible cooperation, is the foundation of the European Union as we know it today.

This is the reason why Europe Day has been celebrated together for the past 40 years following UK entry in 1973.

The Europe Direct Information Centre will also be having a competition with the prize being a gift bag of EU freebies, including a special gift that has EU significance.

Further details can be found on the EDIC facebook page and EDIC Twitter account.