European Parliamentary Election results for the Western Isles

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The results for the European Parliamentary Elections for the Western Isles are in and the Scottish National Party (SNP) came out on top with 3,310 votes.

In second place was the Labour Party with 1,842 votes.

In third place was the UK Independence Party (UKIP) with 847 votes followed by the Conservative Party with 761 votes.

The Greens got 500 votes in total, the Liberal Democrats 243, Britain First 88 and the British National Party 66.

The turnout for the vote was just 34.96% - and 18 papers were spoilt.


SNP 389,503

Lab 348,219

Con 231,330

UKIP 140,534

Green 108,305

LD 95,319

Britain First 13551

BNP 10150

NO 2 EU 6388