Evolution Film Arrives from Gibraltar

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A film to be shown next week at the Town Hall has arrived here via Gibraltar.

The film, called “Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels” deals with “fatal flaws” in the widely believed theory. The promoter,

Keith Rushworth, stays in South Lochs but spends winters close to Gibraltar; he admits to “being a wimp when it comes to Hebrides winters”. A now-retired science teacher, he has found the theory of evolution to be “totally implausible” for many years, but even so was impressed by the film. He says that with fifteen scientists covering eight different areas it had an impact that nothing else has, so decided to show it in Gibraltar. The response was startling, with people asking for a second showing and for a lecture on the subject, and then, with these requests fulfilled, forming a group to continue meetings on the topic locally.

Keith says “Gib” and the Hebs have some features in common. They have almost the same population, although in Gib they are crammed into an area the size of Stornoway. The Hebrides have Gaelic, Gib has Llanito, only spoken in Gibraltar. Everybody knows everybody else, and it’s the only place he’s been where there is even more chatting at the supermarket checkouts than Stornoway! If the film went well there, he thought a showing on Lewis was a “no-brainer.” It will be on at the Town Hall on Friday 14th, followed by Tarbert on 17th both at 8pm.

The film opens with a consideration of Natural Selection, which Charles Darwin claimed was the main engine of evolution. Bringing a stark simplicity to the matter, scientists point out that Natural Selection can only select from what already exists, and so cannot produce anything new. They go onto deal with random mutations, explaining that they damage genetic information rather than adding to it. All in all, there’s a lot of science, but with free popcorn to help people chew their way through it! If the way we got here interests you, this film will.