Ex-hurricane on its way

Strong winds are expected across the Western Isles tonight (Monday) as the tail end of Hurricane Kirk reaches Scotland.

The Stornoway Gazette’s weather correspondent Dr Eddie Graham said it was not a hurricane but the islands were likely to experience gale force winds.

On his blog he wrote: “It’s just the “tail-end” of old Hurricane Kirk - looks like being just a standard gale force 8, severe gale 9 - so the strongest wind since last winter, and enough to be wary about, nonetheless. Winds will reach a first peak late this afternoon and evening, then ease a bit, before veering into the west and north-west and increasing to F9, poss. F10 to north. The strongest gusts might well reach 75mph north of the Butt of Lewis, Sulasgeir, and up to 90mph nearer Orkney and Shetland.”