Extracts from St Kildan school teacher’s diary

Archive shot from: 'Photographs. Outer Hebrides and St Kilda''National Trust for Scotland.
Archive shot from: 'Photographs. Outer Hebrides and St Kilda''National Trust for Scotland.

The first extracts from the diaries of a teacher and minister’s wife who lived on St Kilda are to be put online today (Monday, January 19th).

Teacher, Alice MacLachlan lived on the Atlantic Ocean outpost of St Kilda with her husband Peter, who was the minister.

The diary extracts coincide with the 85th anniversary of the evacuation of the Island in 1930 and reveal an extraordinary insight into day-to-day St Kildan life.

The diaries were presented to the National Trust for Scotland, which manages St Kilda, by the executor of Susan MacLachlan, Peter and Alice’s only daughter and are held in the archives of their head office in Edinburgh.

Peter was minister on the islands between August 1906 and May 1909 and the three volumes of diaries cover this period, and also the six months prior to this whilst they were in their first position of minister and minister’s wife in the village of Garve, twenty miles north of Inverness.

An NTS spokeswoman said: “The aim is to present extracts of the original diaries along with transcripts for the period between January and June 2015 mirroring the time in 1906 when Alice and Peter were in Garve.

“From August 2015 onwards, the extracts will come from the MacLachlans’ time on St Kilda, reflecting the period from August 1906 until May 1909.”

She added: “It has not been possible to undertake a great deal of research into any of the people that Alice mentions in the first part of the diary extracts although if anyone has any information on this or on Alice and Peter during their time in Garve, please do contact the NTS.

To view the extracts click: here

Pictured above is Alice MacLachlan whilst on the island.