Eye catching sculpture to overlook Stornoway harbour

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A STRIKING new sculpture could greet those approaching Stornoway by sea.

Plans are underway to create a piece of artwork which will mark the contribution of the islanders in the Merchant Navy.

The sculpture ‘Anchored to the Horizon’ may be positioned on Sober Island off Lews Castle Grounds overlooking Stornoway Harbour and the town itself.

It could be accessed on foot from the Shore Road of the Grounds and also seen by those arriving by sea. Paths on to Sober Island could be created along with a seating area at the foot of the sculpture.

The Merchant Navy Association together with Stornoway Amenity Trust are hoping to raise funds for the monumental sculpture which could be more than three metres high sitting on a stone plinth of around just over two metres in height.

The initial design has been created by Edinburgh based Artsist Blacksmiths, P Johnson and Company.

Describing their design, they state: “The sculpture comprises a stylised figure looking out from the prow of a ship while grasping an anchor chain. The work embodies the link between the men who have gone to sea with the island that is their home. The figure is shown formed from flat bars curved and shaped to give the feel of a figure dressed in a sou’wester, while round bars swirl and flow around his feet and the prow like the flow and ebb of the tide or the rolling waves.”

They continue: “The figure could be seen as straining into the anchor chain, reaching forward, scanning the horizon, whether looking for a ship or for home, only the viewer can decide.”