Fair airfare group request meeting with Transport Minister

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The online campaign aimed at challenging excessive prices on flights to and from Scottish Islands has written to the Minister for Transport and Islands, Derek Mackay, to request a meeting.

The group, founded on Sunday (6/6) has already been granted a meeting with Loganair’s senior management, with that meeting will take place on Thursday June 25th.


The group are now also reaching out to the Islands Minister to discuss the campaign and the wider issues surrounding lifeline airlinks to and from the Isles.

Scott Preston, the Shetland resident who set up the page, is hopeful that a meeting can be arranged soon:

“We are keen to sit down with Mr Mackay to discuss our campaign and other issues that those flying to and from the Isles experience.

“Our campaign is has grown at a phenomenal rate, with almost at 14,000 supporters backing us in just 5 days. Loganair, to their credit, have now acknowledged the group and agreed to meet with us and we are looking to coordinate everyone’s diary.

“We are hopeful that the Minister will take notice of the campaign and find time to sit down with us.