Family of dolphins spotted

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If HRH Princess Anne and numerous crews attending the World Skiff Championship being held on Loch Broom at Ullapool weren’t enough guests for the village this week, the loch is currently being visited by a number of pods of dolphin.

The dolphin are currently in large numbers but small scattered groups, believed to be due to the shoals of fish such as mackerel not shoaling as yet.

Skipper Huisdean Mackay said that the late start to summer had meant that plankton was late blooming in the waters around Ullapool and the Summer Isles this year but within the last two weeks the seas have become noticeably warmer and greener and this appears to be bringing in fish and predators such as the Common Dolphin currently being seen.

Picture of a baby dolphin by Summer Queen Cruises, Ullapool.