FERRIES PLAN REACTION: Hauliers ‘bitterly disappointed’

The Outer Hebrides Commerce Group has said that it is ‘bitterly disappointed’ that their pleas for no increase in commercial traffic fares in 2013  have been ignored, and that the SNP Government will have imposed a 60 per cent increase in just twelve months.

Chairman of the OHCG, Calum Campbell of Polybox Ltd said: “At the beginning of this week we met with Alasdair Allan MSP - after that meeting we said that we were pleased with his warm words of encouragement. that, sadly, is all they turned out to be. The cost of taking a lorry to and from the islands will rocket by another a further 10 per cent in March a margin that’s being added to the 50 per cent they imposed eight months ago. It’s devastating news, and we are bitterly disappointed that they have failed to listen to our well argued case.“