Fickle April weather soon to settle

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So far this April, the weather has been swinging wildly between spells of warm spring sunshine and sudden blasts of cold wind from the north-west, accompanied by hail and snow on several days. The Stornoway Gazette’s weather correspondent Dr. Eddie Graham, says this is nothing out of the ordinary for the time of year - April weather is notoriously fickle (changeable) and is a direct consequence of the cool ocean, a relatively dry atmosphere and an increasingly strong Sun.

The outlook for the coming few days is for more settled weather than of recent, as a large area of high pressure is predicted to build over Northern Scotland by the coming weekend. Although it is likely to be dry with light winds, don’t expect a heatwave - indeed it will remain quite cool (especially at night) with banks of low-cloud and fog likely to spoil the sunshine at times. As winds slowly veer into the east by Saturday/Sunday however, increased amounts of sunshine may develop.