First meeting of Western Isles Green Party

The first meeting of the Western Isles Green Party
The first meeting of the Western Isles Green Party

The first ever meetings of the Scottish Green Party in the Western Isles took place last week following a surge in local support in recent months.

The Western Isles Greens met in Stornoway on the 19th of May and in Lochmaddy on the 20th.

The co-convenors of the Highlands and Islands Green Party, Ariane Burgess and Fabio Villani, travelled across the Minch. The realisation of these meetings has laid the groundwork for further growth, working towards success in next year’s Scottish Parliament election. The Western Isles Greens intend to become a visible presence and aim to gain elected representatives in Holyrood and the Comhairle.

Co-ordinator of the Stornoway meeting, Gavin Humphreys, said: “It was a great turnout and we hope to engage even more local people over the coming months and years. The Western Isles will benefit from a strong Green Party, while Scotland and the UK will benefit from hearing the green voice we in the Western Isles can offer.

“There is a real movement for change in Scotland and the Green Party is at its heart. The Western Isles should be at the centre of the shift towards a country that values the people, the environment, and works for a sustainable long-term future.

“If you are interested in being a part of the Western Isles Greens, check our Facebook page

for upcoming events.”

Visiting Stornoway, Ariane Burgess, co-convenor of the Highlands and Islands Greens, said: “The Scottish Green Party has seen unprecedented growth in recent months and years.

This has given us, in the Highlands and Islands, the opportunity to strengthen in areas where traditionally members had been too far and few between to form a working group.

“The rise of numbers in the Western Isles gives members here the ability to move in their own direction and tackle local issues and concerns. We look forward to working together as we gain momentum for next year’s Scottish Parliament election.”