Fish escape at Loch Carnan

Up to 100 fish may have escaped at Loch Duart’s site at Loch Carnan, South Uist earlier this week.

The cause, a tear in the sock at the base of the net, was small and “lay closed”.

Managing Director Nick Joy said, “We are releasing this information as a precaution. We cannot be sure that more than a few fish escaped as luckily the staff noticed very quickly and lowered the net. Fish will only have tried to escape because the net was being lifted and fish were looking for a way out. It is unlikely that as many as 100 fish escaped. We immediately brought divers to the site, who checked and repaired the damage to the net and checked all the other nets on site. We regret this incident but commend our staff for their vigilance and diligence in reporting the matter so that we could react fast.

“We have informed the local fishery Board, SERAD and all consultees but Loch Duart issues this press release as well because it is the stated policy of the company to ‘press release’ our escapes as soon as the facts are clear. This is our policy of transparency and a corporate acceptance of our responsibilities.”