Fisherman dies after overboard fall

The Jean Claude Coulon II
The Jean Claude Coulon II

A FORTY year old fisherman has died after being knocked overboard on Sunday (January 8).

A member of crew on the French fishing vessel ‘Jean Claude Coulon II’, the man fell overboard at around 2am as the ship was situated 50 miles north west of the Butt of Lewis.

The Coastguard search and rescue helicopter attended the incident, although the man was recovered on-board an pronounced dead.

The fishing boat came into port at Stornoway at 10.30am on Sunday and was met by police and a doctor amongst others.

It is believed that the Jean Claude Coulon II had been at sea since December 29, with a crew on 14 on board, and was heading towards Lochinver at the time of the incident.

The boat is regular visitor to Stornoway harbour along with her sister ship, the ‘Jack Abre II’, which grounded on the Isle of Rhum last February to total loss.