Fishermen’s Mission annual visit

Distinguished members of the community meet to mark their collective commitment to the Western Isles fishing community.
Distinguished members of the community meet to mark their collective commitment to the Western Isles fishing community.

The Chief Executive of the Fisherman’s Mission travelled to Stornoway recently for his annual visit, meeting with ‘Mission Man’ for the area, Superintendent Finlay Macleod.

Commodore David Dickens is Chief Executive of the Mission, an ecumenical Christian charity seeking to provide aid to those who need it within fishing communities. Commodore Dickens was pleased to meet with Supt. Macleod to thank him for all the good work he does in supporting the Stornoway fishing community.

The Commodore knew well that Supt. Macleod has made a vital difference to the lives of active and retired fishermen and their families during his eight years so far in the role of ‘Mission Man’.

Commodore Dickens said: “Finlay has served the fishermen who work around Stornoway and their families with devotion and pride. Over the years he has responded to emergency calls for help, day and night, as well as providing practical and financial support to many families. It’s not easy to be on call 24/7 but Finlay is always within reach of those who need him most.”

He continued to say that the whole of Superintendent with the Fisherman’s mission was very important in ensuring that fishermen and their families know they have someone to turn to in times of difficulty. He said he is very proud of the work that is done by the Mission in Stornoway and encourages any fishermen or women who require practical, financial, or pastoral support to contact Supt. Macleod.

At the Fishermen’s Mission office to welcome the Commodore, were distinguished members of the fishing community, all who play a part in the support provided to fishing workers and their families.

Commodore Dickens told The Gazette: “The work done here by the Fishermen’s Mission is fantastic because Stornoway is geographically a difficult place for rescues. The team here work hard in challenging environments and I’m glad to be back to thank them.”

Supt. Macleod told The Gazette: “Born and brought up in Stornoway the chance to serve the Community in this role, is one I cherish, and is very special to me.

“Hopefully that service will enhance the virtues for which our islands are world famous for, of kindness, tolerance, hospitality, and piety, especially as Stornoway Port Authority this year celebrates it’s 150th year of existence, and I look forward with excitement to continue to serve the Community “

From left to right in the photograph are: Rev William Heenan, St Columbus Parish Church, Alastair Macarthur. Shipping Agent, Stornoway Shipping Services, Commmodore David Dickens, Chief Executive of Fisherman’s Mission, Supt Finlay Macleod, Stornoway Fisherman’s Mission. Murdo Macaulay, Area Commander, HM Coastguard, Captain Duncan Gordon, Chairman, Merchant Navy Association, Rev Graeme Craig, Stornoway Free Church (Continuing).