Fishing accident leads to amputated hand

The FV Wanderer
The FV Wanderer

A 17 year old fisherman from the Western Isles has lost his hand during an accident on a local fishing boat.

The FV Wanderer, a clam dredger, was fishing off South Uist on Tuesday (November 19th) when the young man got his fingers trapped in a winch.

The fishing boat landed the man at Kallin, where he was picked up by the Coastguard search and rescue helicopter which was on exercise in the area at the time.

The 17 year old was flown directly to a Glasgow hospital and underwent treatment to save his hand. Regretfully, however, this was not successful and his hand had to be amputated.

The young man’s parents, who live in Stornoway, are with their son, who is now recovering from his operation.