Flannan Isles mystery re-examined by Discovery Channel

The Flannan Isles mystery is the focus of a Discovery Channel programme on television on Monday, October 6th.

As part of the Unexplained Files, on Discovery Science channel, the programme investigates the infamous disappearance of the three Flannan Isles lighthouse keepers in 1900.

The programme is presented by Keith McCloskey, who in July released his book The Lighthouse: The Mystery of the Eilean Mor Lighthouse Keepers.

Keith said: “The programme shows me following the theories. I don’t know exactly what’s in it but they lean towards the supernatural. But they do look at the murder theory and the giant wave theory.”

In his book, Keith puts forward new theories to the officially accepted ‘giant wave’ theory; that the three men were collecting equipment from the west landing and were washed off the rock by a giant wave during a storm.

The storm was thought to have been so great that it caused significant damage to the west landing.

Keith said: “The men disappeared in the afternoon. The jobs that they were supposed to have been doing are all done in the morning, with the afternoon being dedicated to rest before operating the light through the night. And in bad weather you just stay inside. Why would they have been outside?”

For the documentary Keith visited the Flannan Isles, along with the Gazette’s weather correspondent Eddy Graham, who used new technology to accurately determine the weather over the period of the disappearance.

Eye opener

Keith continued: “On the day of the incident the weather was just before storm-force. It was two days after their disappearance that the worst weather happened and that is probably when the damage to the west landing occurred. So the damage is not to do with them disappearing.

“So it’s not all as was thought - it’s quite an eye opener. It’s almost too simple to say it was a giant wave. And it doesn’t explain everything.”

The Curse of the Flannan Isles is on Discovery Science at 8pm on Monday, October 6th.