‘Flight plan for 21st Century’ proposal

Edinburgh Airport new runway take off routeEdinburgh Airport new runway take off route
Edinburgh Airport new runway take off route
Edinburgh Airport is set to trial a new take off route for flights over the summer period.

The five month trial, which will start on June 25 and run until November 23, aims to alleviate congestion at peak times with the aim to reduce the intervals between take off from two minutes at present to one minute.

The new flightpath will fly over Newbridge, Broxburn and Uphall before heading north to Philpstoun and then circle back down the Forth over North and South Queensferry before heading towards Prestonpans.

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The airport said the trial will introduce the new Standard Instrument Departure (SID) route, adding to the three existing departure routes. The trial is subject to Civil Aviation Authority approval.

Only more modern, quiter aircraft will be selected to use the new route with the worst of the noise expected between take-off and the climb to 6000 feet to reach the Forth.

If the trial proves successful, Edinburgh Airport will then launch a full public consultation in a bid to make the route more permanent.

David Wilson, Edinburgh Airport’s chief operating officer said: ‘‘As we continue to see more passengers travel through our airports than ever before, we’ll need to increase airspace capacity above Central Scotland to cater for this growth.

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‘‘At the moment, Scotland’s aircraft currently fly on a network that was designed in the 1970s. What we’re aiming to do is to begin upgrading the airspace above Edinburgh Airport, bringing it into the 21st century.

‘‘The route passes over very few populated areas and flies over the River Forth for the bulk of its flightpath.’’

Edinburgh Airport has created a dedicated micro website for the trial at sid.edinburghairport.com