Flying Fiddles wow Edinburgh audiences

UIST fiddle group 'Flying Fiddles' recent trip to perform at the Martyn Bennett Night in Edinburgh, funded by Ceolas and Lionacleit High School, was a resounding success.

The Martyn Bennett Trust had invited Flying Fiddles to attend workshops in fiddle music from around the world and also in composing music for film soundtracks.

Musical Director of the Flying Fiddles, Anna-Wendy Stevenson was in no doubt about the value of these workshops.

"One of the things that makes the Flying Fiddles so special and stand out as a group is their creativity in tune writing and arranging. They are keen and encouraged to compose music at school," she said.

"These workshops were inspiring and provided reinforcement of their own talents. It proved to them that they are on the rights tracks and that it is within the realms of possibility that they could create their own seriously good soundtrack."

During the workshops, the group were taught by top Scottish violinist Greg Lawson and composer Rory Pierce – both of whom performed later that night with Cuillin Music.

The Flying Fiddles found the experience 'mind-blowing'; 'the best workshop I have ever been to', and 'ace'.

In the evening the group performed at the Queens Hall as part of an all-star concert to raise money for the Martyn Bennett Trust, which exists to assist young people in music.

The response was fantastic and the group thrilled. On a total high, the group were flying, living up to their name!

And as Anna-Wendy Stevenson was involved in other performances as part of the concert alongside founder of the Flying Fiddles Deirdre MacDonald and Bill Watts, this was also a great opportunity for the Flying Fiddles to watch other musicians and experience being involved in a big venue and a big professional production.

The Flying Fiddles have also been invited to perform at the prestigious Celtic Connections festival on January 17 as part of Benbecula night.

The group will be fundraising for this trip over the next two months.