Food bank co-ordinator wants new Prime Minister to put her out of a job

Clydesdale Food Bank'Carluke'9/1/14
Clydesdale Food Bank'Carluke'9/1/14

THE Clydesdale Food Bank co-ordinator has appealed to the next UK Government to make her role redundant as soon as possible.

Liz Paton made the plea after new figures showed that more than 100,000 people in Scotland used food banks in the last financial year.

Liz said: “I would like to see any new government have a complete overhaul of the welfare system.

“You have people living on £55 per week; it’s absolute nonsense! It’s a constant struggle for these people. They don’t want to be asking for food. The aim for the next government should be to put me out of a job!”

Despite the figures in Scotland showing that more and more people are using food banks, Liz confirmed that the number of people using the Carluke-based food bank has remained fairly static over the past few months.

She also stated that unlike the rest of the country, where research showed more desperate families were asking for food, in Clydesdale it was still mostly young single adults using the vital service.

The Clydesdale Food Bank is operated independently by a number of Clydesdale churches with its base being in Carluke High Street.

Figures from The Trussell Trust, which runs a percentage of food banks nationally, stated that a total of 4,722 people in South Lanarkshire used food banks in the past 12 months - 1,490 of them children.