Free creative workshops with Honeycomb

We’re into the final couple of months of the Honeycomb - Creative Works programme.

This is your last chance to take advantage of these completely FREE workshops and events taking place along the western seaboard of Scotland.

Guest Speaker Event - Paul Murray: Stornoway - 19th March

Digital Marketing: Stornoway - 23rd March

Digital Distribution Workshop: Oban - 24th March

Radio Skills: Compliance & Creating Content For Local Audiences: Benbecula - 28th March

Networking Event: Benbecula - 28th March

Animation Workshop: Skye - 1st April

Networking Event: Isle of Jura - 7th April

Networking Event: Isle of Islay - 8th April

Local News Gathering For Radio And Online: Oban - 11th April

Networking: Oban - 11th April

Radio Skills: Scheduling For Radio & Creating Engaging Content: Benbecula - 17th & 18th April

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